od¶wież FAPL24 OKEC 250300\n\nEPWW GAMET VALID 250400/251000 EPWA-\nEPWW WARSAW FIR/A4 BLW FL100\n\nSECN I\n\nICE: 04/10 MOD ABV FL080\nTURB: 04/10 LCA MOD FL020/050 AND MOD ABV FL050\nSIGMET APPLICABLE: AT TIME OF ISSUE NIL\n\n\nSECN II\n\nPSYS: 06 L 988 HPA OVER S SWEDEN STNR NC\n AND WAVING COLD FRONT OVER N POLAND MOV ENE NC\n H 1031 HPA OVER BLACK SEA STNR NC\n AFFECTING WEATHER OVER SE POLAND\nSFC WIND: 04/07 180-200/10KT\n 07/10 180-200/12-16KT AND LCA GUSTS UP TO 25KT\nWIND/T:\n 1000FT AMSL 04/07 180/20KT PS04\n 07/10 180/20KT PS09\n 2000FT AMSL 04/10 200/20-30KT AND 05/07 200/35-40KT PS07\n 3300FT AMSL 04/07 200/20-25KT PS05\n 07/10 230/30-40KT PS05\n 5000FT AMSL 04/07 230/20-25KT PS01\n 07/10 230/30-35KT PS02\n 10000FT AMSL 04/10 240/35KT MS07\nCLD: 04/10 SCT/BKN AC 8000-9000/ABV 10000FT AMSL\n 08/10 LCA SCT CU 4500-5000/8000-9000FT AMSL\nFZLVL: 04/07 5000FT AMSL\n 07/10 6500FT AMSL\n\nCHECK AIRMET AND SIGMET INFORMATION\n';GAMETtime[3]='04:46 25.04.2017';flightdataGAMET[4]='
934\nFAPL25 KRAKze strony IMGW dla awiacji